College Awards

At the conclusion of each academic year, may receive awards for their academic, artistic, sporting and community service efforts and contributions.

Secondary School Awards

Citizenship Awards

Citizenship Awards are presented to students in recognition of their contribution to the College through service and cultural pursuits. Students may be awarded Citizenship in Service, or Culture, or both.


The Service category refers to service rendered to others in the student’s OWN time, both in school and the wider community. Some of the opportunities for service taken up by Middle School students include the Year Level Delegate Committee, chapel band, the Anzac Day march, sound set-up for assemblies, backstage duties at performances, assistance with running events such as the Festival, leadership or help within their own churches’ children’s clubs and church band involvement.


The Cultural category refers to involvement in various cultural programs, again in the student’s OWN time. Middle Years students have been involved in a wide range of activities including the On Stage, singers, band, and instrumental, voice and dance performances.

The process of selecting recipients involves students completing a form detailing their involvement in activities.

To achieve Excellence level, the student must demonstrate that significant hours of service or cultural involvement has been performed within the school or wider community. A portion of which must have occurred in the school in two or more significant areas.

Contribution to Sport

The Contribution to Sport Award is awarded to a student that has participated in every available sport to them. They lead their house team by example, participating in every event and have done all these things with commitment and enthusiasm.

Sportswoman and Sportsman

These award winners never miss an opportunity to compete for their school and represent the Suncoast name in the wider sporting community with excellence. They are recognized for their sporting ability and commitment to doing whatever it takes to be great in their chosen sporting areas.

The Higginbottom Community Service Award

The Higginbottom Community Service Award is named in honour of a family that tirelessly served the College for over 30 years. The Higginbottom family were full of life and fun, they gave above and beyond what was expected, creating an environment that people around them felt loved. The Higginbottom Community Service Award is awarded to a Middle Years student for outstanding community service.

The Davies Young Achiever Award

The Davies Young Achiever Award is an award that recognises character qualities. It is presented to a Year 9 student who is someone who rises to the challenge, a person who has demonstrated tenacity and courage of spirit. This student is someone who maintains a positive outlook at school and applies themselves diligently to their work at hand and contributes positively to school life with a great attitude. This young person is an all-rounder.

The Sullivan Music Award

The Sullivan Music Award is presented to a student who is trained in SunArts – the Performing Arts Program in the College which incorporates music, dance and drama. This student displays the qualities of commitment to their instrument and diligence in their personal discipline. The recipient has reached a high standard of proficiency and made a significant contribution to the College through participation in events throughout the year.

Academic Awards

Academic Awards are presented for both Academic Diligence and Excellence – we value and aspire to develop both of these qualities in our students. Students with consistently good work habits as indicated in their reports over the course of the year are awarded diligence.


Primary School Awards

Rise Up! Award

Presented to one student in each class who has consistently demonstrated the character attributes of ‘RISE’: Respect, Integrity, Safety and Empathy.

Art/Language Awards

Contribution to The Arts & Languages Awards

Presented to one student in each year level who demonstrates a love for the Arts and/or Languages, strong commitment and an excellent attitude in classes and extra-curricular pursuits.

Christian Servanthood Award

Presented to one student in each class who loves God and wants to serve Him; takes initiative and is in tune to opportunities to serve; displays empathy; puts others first; makes a contribution to and shows dedication in Christian Studies and displays joy in involvement with a multitude of service opportunities.

A Love of Learning Award

A Love of Learning: Growth

Presented to one student in each class who has shown the greatest development in their capabilities and achievement over the course of the year.

A Love of Learning: Tenacity

Presented to one student in each class who has consistently exhibited excellence in attitude, persistence and commitment across all core subjects.

A Love of Learning:Achievement

Presented to all students who have achieved excellence; averaging an A- or higher in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities.