Buranga Enrichment Camp


Earlier this term, 11 Year 6 students attended the Buranga Enrichment Camp. During this extension program, our students were challenged in their learning in the areas of English, Maths, Science, Music, Art, and Technology.

Not only was it a time of discovering new things in their area of passion, but it was also about making new friends with other students from other local schools represented. 

Students’ Reflections
Buranga was an amazing experience for every student who attended. A lot of fun was had, the dorms were great, the food was wonderful and they loved how our teachers were especially friendly and helpful. 

For Science, Lexi and Paige learned about PH levels, red and white blood cells and DNA helixes. They created a DNA strand from gummy bears and licorice.

Zoe and Elena partnered with students from other schools and were asked to make a solution to future problems on the topic of Nature and Wildlife. They impacted a lot of people by showing the other students how many animals are actually left in the world. Did you know that there are only 3 white rhinos and 11 white lions remaining globally?


Nyasha and Petro were members of the Choral group. Working with the theme, ‘The Future is in Our Hands’, they were involved in creating a song about protecting our planet using the music of ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay. They performed this song accompanying it with boom whackers. They also learned and performed a lovely song called ‘I Was Here’ at the Wednesday afternoon expo.


Ella and Madison participated in the Maths course where the learning focus was to create a sustainable yet urbanised city while working out how to manage the population growth and reduce the number of people living in poverty. Wow! What a challenge.

Harvie, Ethan and Marli were a part of the Technology group. They designed and built prototypes to help society by programming EV3 robots. Ethan and Marli designed a conveyor belt to transport people with disabilities while Harvie, with his partner, developed a transportable city. The building process was difficult, but they overcame a lot of challenges and were able to put on a great exhibition.

Besides focusing on our subjects, one of the other highlights was participating in the trivia quiz. Our students worked together as Team Suncoast and were given a quiz on each subject with Marli as their captain. Meeting and working with students from other schools was another highlight as together the students encouraged each other and were thankful to make a lot of new friends. Our students are so grateful for the opportunity to attend Buranga Camp and would definitely recommend it to the Year 6 students next year.

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