First Lego League Champions


Recently, Year 6 students, Samson List, Jamahl Wischnat, Joshua Lester and Noah English represented Suncoast at First Lego League (FLL). The competition was fierce with over forty teams registered for this year’s tournament. Our students completed a series of challenges, a brief presentation as well as an interview. They did extremely well and won the coveted Programming Award. Their achievement is a testimony of their great teamwork, attitude and commitment.

Lego Robotics has undergone a drastic change in culture this year at Suncoast. It has transitioned from being an after-school club that involved eight students becoming a part of the Year 6 curriculum. Now a total of 67 students in the cohort are actively engaged in learning to design robots, engineer their models, code their craftsmanship and problem solve. The lesson is conducted in the Library under the leadership of Mr Adam King and with the invaluable assistance of all Year 6 teachers. The shift in methodology has been significant and the students have thrived. The program has been incredibly rewarding.

First Lego LeagueThroughout Terms 3 and 4, Year 6 students programmed their team robot to complete a series of challenges for the ‘Into Orbit’ Mission. In October, coding achievements were put to the test with every team having to showcase their digital solutions. As a result of observations, students having achieved excellent work were assembled to make the team for this year’s First Lego League (FLL) Tournament. The work of Samson List, Jamahl Wischnat, Joshua Lester and Noah English was identified as being among the best and resulting in them all becoming this year’s Suncoast Lego Robotics FLL team.

They were a great team and triumphant in battle. The trophy sits proudly on show at Primary Reception. The success of the team reinforces the fact that Suncoast is achieving outstanding results in Digital Technologies as well as Lego Robotics.

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