First Lego League Tournament Results


Last weekend, Year 6 students, Josiah, Joshua, Griffin and Samual competed at the regional First Lego League (FLL) Tournament. The team of four students that represented Suncoast Christian College at the FLL Noosaville competition, coded and engineered their Lego EV3 robot to solve numerous missions. The students worked for numerous weeks to design solutions for the various challenges. Some training and team workshops were conducted using Microsoft Teams.

On the day of the competition, they scored an average of 200 points each round and performed brilliantly in their interview and presentation. The students ended up being ranked sixth out of thirteen teams which is an incredible outcome. They are to be congratulated for their efforts. Along with their coach, Mr Adam King the team was able to secure a 2020 Lego Robotics trophy. Their award is testimony of the Lego Robotics Program and the manner in which Year 6 students are engaged in the Technology curriculum that develops critical thinking, problems solving skills, collaborative techniques and design thinking at Suncoast Christian College. We’d also like to make a special mention to Ezekiel and Harley who were also part of the team; however, were, unable to compete due to sporting commitments. The school is delighted with the results of the team and proud of their achievement. Well done boys.


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