Foundations for a Good Heart


This year, Genius Hour for Year 5 & 6 kicked off with The Heart Foundation’s “Jump Rope for Heart”. From the minute we launched the program in Week 4, all students literally jumped on board.

The 6-week program saw students who could not skip, develop basic skipping skills, and attempt a range of more advanced skills and tricks as the days and weeks progressed. Some overall aims of this Genius Hour project were to enable students to learn goal setting, overcome challenges, and grow and develop in their skipping journey, whilst having fun along the way. Despite the frustrations and occasional skipping rope burn, every single student aimed to do their best.

There are two aspects of the Jump Rope for Heart program, the physical aspect and fundraising. Our students were encouraged to share their journey with family members and friends in an attempt to raise a small amount of money which together as a cohort could combine to a significant amount. We set a goal of $1100 and at the end of the term, together we reached a total amount of $1630 for the Heart Foundation.

As a culmination of the Year 5 & 6 students hard work, enthusiasm and persistence, our ‘JUMP OFF DAY’ was held on Friday 26th March to showcase and celebrate how far each student had progressed this term within the Jump Rope for Heart program.

Students participated in a range of rotations, seeing who could skip the longest, show off new skills and tricks, jump in and out of the long ropes, hula hoop, who could limbo the lowest and skipping races. An ice block was the perfect way to end after all the hot skipping work.

Congratulations to our fabulous Year 5 & 6 students on their growth in Genius Hour this term.


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