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2014 Graduate, Macaila Maxwell (nee Morse) aspired to be a Physiotherapist while studying at school but then discovered her passion for Graphic Design and empowering small business owners through her creative designs.

Would you like to share anything about your Suncoast experience?

I spent 14 years at Suncoast (Preschool to Year 12) and really enjoyed every moment. I loved that the culture encourages each student to pursue what interests them, whether that be academics, sport, the creative industries, or a trade. Throughout my schooling years, I loved sport and had the opportunity to compete at a high level in soccer and athletics. Given my passion for sport, I decided that I would study Physiotherapy as it would allow me to help athletes reach their full potential, and help them through any injuries. I chose subjects that would best prepare me for that career such as Maths A, English, Biology, Dance and Health and Physical Education).

Your career or personal highlights since graduating?

I graduated Year 12 with a good OP and was accepted into Physiotherapy at Australian Catholic University. Although, I only lasted a year studying Physio, before deciding that it wasn’t for me. Since my year studying at Uni, I discovered my love for being creative, through working as a receptionist at my Church. I studied an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Tafe, which I absolutely loved. During that time I interned for a Graphic Design Studio in Maroochydore where I gained experience working collaboratively with other designers. I also met my husband on a trip to Israel and we were married during my year studying design.

Upon graduating from Tafe, I started my own business and freelanced for a few designers on the Sunshine Coast – Led by Design, Cass Deller Designs and HA Creative. I am so grateful to have worked for these designers as I have gained experience with a range of corporate clients and land developers, as well as small business owners. Two of my biggest career highlights would be designing 3 patterns for Cass Deller that were printed onto Bare and Boho nappies (an Aldi release), and the other would be starting my own business. It has been quite a big task starting and running my own business, but I have loved every moment of it. My biggest personal highlights since graduating would have to be getting married and having my beautiful baby boy, 6 months ago.

Share what you are doing now?

I am now a wife and mum and run my own Graphic Design business, Macaila Maxwell Designs. I create modern, feminine and organic designs and have a passion for empowering small business owners. I have worked with a range of clients, designing logo and branding, stationery, flyers, booklets, packaging, product design (beach towel, swimwear, keep cup, nappies), invitations, as well as a published book. Along with being a designer, I also sell prints and a product called The Name Poster. My husband and I created the Name Poster for our nephew, as we wanted to give him a meaningful gift that would be uplifting and call out who God created him to be. Since then, I have created many posters for a range of people, of all ages. The Name Poster makes for the perfect gift for a family member, friend, teacher, or loved one and is a way of uplifting someone, calling out their strengths. I absolutely love what I do, and cannot believe that I thought I would be a Physio. If someone had told me in school that I’d be a Graphic Designer, I probably wouldn’t have believed them.

What are your plans for the future?

 My plans for the future are to continue designing and building my business, Macaila Maxwell Designs. I would love to move more into illustration and textile design, as that really excites me!

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