Indigenous Mural Project


Over one-hundred students, parents, and staff (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) were led by three local Indigenous Artist, Geraldine, Justin and Mulawar in the creation of a series of murals on the Suncoast Christian College campus.

About the Indigenous Art – Mural Project

Installed in a precinct of the Collge called “Djan Duman” – a Gubbi Gubbi word meaning “pleasant place”- the murals represented a great opportunity for our community to share perspectives on the Indigenous and European history of Australia.

The Mural project was not simply an opportunity to create a deeper understanding between our peoples but was also an important element of the new Australian Curriculum. Art students from Years 7 through 10 were exposed to a range of Indigenous painting techniques with the objective of influencing their own works. In addition, students have been analysing both past and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, also to facilitate authentic influence their own artworks.

Indigenous Art – Mural Project Gallery

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