Italian Extravaganza


Our Primary students had a taste of Italy on the last day of Term 2, 2018 with our very first Italian Extravaganza day. Students spent the day in their family group rotating through a series of different Italian themed activities from the artistic and active to the scientific.

Our students were able to express their creativity through experiencing painting like Michelangelo, experimenting with mosaic patterns and making masks. They also had an opportunity to think like Leonardo Da Vinci with challenges around constructing his bridge using only 12 paddle pop sticks and assembling his parachute. Together they constructed the tallest tower they could out of spaghetti and the tower with the greatest lean. As well as this, they learnt an Italian playground game and spent some time playing bocce, a well-loved Italian pastime.

Towards the end of the day, we shared lunch together before creating a giant Italian flag on the oval. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to compete in our much anticipated Palio on the day, but we will have an opportunity to do Palio during Italian club this term. The Drago contrada won the event in Siena on 2 July, so it will be interesting to see which contrada wins our Suncoast Palio!

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