SunArts Application Progress

Thank you!

Your Application for enrolment in the SunArts Program has been received and is now being processed.

What’s next?

Step 1: Application Request – COMPLETE

  1. For enrolled Suncoast Christian College Students, the Business Office has received your Application and will commence verifying that your College Fees are up to date. This is an important step since we need to be confident that you can sustain an ongoing financial commitment to SunArts tuition.
  2. For external students (not enrolled in Suncoast Christian College) your Application has been passed directly to the SunArts Coordinator.
  3. If you have submitted an Instrumental Hire Form, you will be contacted soon to discuss your needs.

Step 2: Enrolment Confirmation – PENDING

  1. Once SunArts we have confirmed your child’s eligibility, we will be able to offer a place in your selected program.
  2. Notification will be made directly by the SunArts Coordinator.

Step 3: Payment & Notification of Lesson Times – PENDING

  1. Once payment has been made or confirmed you will be advised as to lesson sessions and times and teachers.
  2. Any instrumental hire options will be arranged.