SunArts – External Applicants

Enrolment Agreement for a non-Suncoast student into the SunArts Program

SunArts External Applicants

  • Major Policy Summaries

  • Major Policy Summaries All policies reflect and are written within the context of the Suncoast Christian College (‘the College’) Mission Statement and Educational Philosophy & Aims. The College believes it is important to provide a secure environment for students enrolled in the College. The College has developed several policies and procedures to support a safe and secure environment for students, staff and the community. Policy and procedure documents are contained on the College website The College as a school approved under the Education (Accreditation of non-State Schools) Act 2001, provides regular instruction in Prep, Primary and Secondary school learning with teaching programmes devised by the College to lead to the award of recognised certificates. The College believes the following policy summaries are those which the College regards as being of high importance for all students and families in the College. The detailed versions of these policies are available on the College Intranet or by contacting the Compliance Officer. Only the detailed version can be relied upon for accuracy and full interpretation. The summaries are intended to give guides to the general intent and content of those policies which are subject to review and change from time to time. Students from Year 7 to Year 12 are regarded as being knowledgeably bound by the policies, on the assumption that parents will have discussed the policies with the student/s. Students in Years Prep to Year 6 are also bound by the policies, but allowances may be made in regard to age and maturity in understanding.
  • Privacy Policy

  • This collection of information will be relevant throughout the whole period the student is enrolled in SunArts. Processes are in place to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the information provided. Parents are required to keep the SunArts teacher or SunArts Co-ordinator informed of any information relevant to the student’s education and well-being. The College may provide access to this information upon receiving a written request. Access may be denied where such access may have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others, or where access may result in a breach of the College’s duty of care to the student or their family, or where information has been provided in confidence. For more information or to view a copy of the College Privacy Policy please contact the Compliance Officer. Full and frank disclosure is required.
  • Child Protection Policy

  • The College recognises that protecting students from harm and the risk of harm is fundamental to maximising their personal and academic potential. For this reason the welfare and best interests of the children within the College will always be a primary consideration. High expectations are placed upon staff to role model proper behaviour to students and to refrain from any behaviours toward students that may be seen as inappropriate. We expect all SunArts staff to ensure that their behaviour towards and relationships with students reflect proper standards of care for students, and are not unlawful. The College will respond diligently to a report of suspected or actual harm, or risk of harm to a student. The College will seek to maintain strict confidentiality in such matters to protect the reputation of all concerned until the matter is fully assessed one way or another. Any neglect that occurs beyond the College will also be reported to State Authorities.
  • Credit Policy (for those responsible for fees)

  • The SunArts administration levy is $40 and is payable to the College at the commencement of every term. This fee is a once only fee per student for the term, and the student may enrol in in multiple SunArts classes. The College requires all fees to be paid in a timely manner to assist with budgeting and operational aspects of the College. The administration levy for the SunArts Arts program must be paid to the teacher at the start of each new term. This fee covers use of buildings and equipment and also associated costs with the running and maintaining of the program. Parents wishing to withdraw their student/s from the College must give four weeks’ notice to the teacher prior to the last day of their child’s attendance at lessons. The SunArts teacher will issue a link to an online form that will need to be completed for the Withdrawal to be processed. The teacher will invoice the parent/s responsible for fees payment at the start of the new term for the full term’s tuition and this fee is payable within four weeks of receipt of the invoice. Failure to make payment by the due date may result in suspension or possibly cancellation of lessons by the teacher and withdrawal from the program.
  • Student Behaviour Policy

  • The College insists on high standards in terms of effort and student behaviour taking account of children’s developing maturity. However, by Year 10 to Year 12, we require that all students meet these high standards consistently and independently.
  • Acknowledgment

  • Parents/Guardians, by signing this Application for Enrolment, understand that by enrolling the student indicated on this application at Suncoast Christian College SUNARTS Program, have read and accept the College Enrolment Agreement and policies and procedures of the College that apply to the student and family (refer to Application for Enrolment of External Student, Major Policies Summaries), as well as other policies which are published and revised from time to time. Parents/Guardians agree to abide by and encourage the student to abide by the conditions of enrolment detailed in this application. The College reserves the right to add to and amend the Enrolment Agreement from time to time as it sees fit. Changes to these conditions will be notified in writing.
  • Enrolment Agreement

  • Between
  • and Suncoast Christian College (‘the College’)
    1. I/We understand that in enrolling my child in the College SUNARTS Program, I/we have read and am accepting the rules, policies and procedures of the College to apply to my child and to my family
    2. I/We understand that the College has a high expectation of student behaviour and discipline. I/We will support the College in its pursuit and application of these standards. I/We understand that the College reserves the right to terminate my child’s enrolment as a consequence of serious or repeated breaches of the College’s discipline policy or the College ethos.
    3. I/We undertake to pay the required fees and levies in full as they become due. I/We understand that late payment may attract an additional charge, and that non-payment of monies owing will entitle the College to cancel this enrolment contract and terminate my child’s enrolment and any fees or monies outstanding will remain my liability.
    4. I/We acknowledge that the College is dependent upon the prompt payment of fees and accept that were fees not to be paid the enrolment of the student/s would be at risk of termination.
    5. I/We understand that if I/we voluntarily withdraw my/our child/children from the SUNARTS Program I/we must give notice to the music teacher of not less than 4 weeks’ notice prior to withdrawal. If I/we fail to do so, I/we accept that I/we am/are liable and will pay 4 weeks fees and levies per child in lieu of such notice.
  • Photographic Permissions

    If my family situation changes and I wish to remove this consent I will advise the Principal in writing accordingly.
  • By PRESSING the SUBMIT BUTTON for this Enrolment Agreement the person/s listed as responsible for fees acknowledge they have read and understood the Credit Policy as detailed in the Enrolment Contract. You will also be redirected to the SunArts Enrolment Application page to choose and apply for your specific instrument / SunArts subject.
  • Next step in completing your enrolment After pressing SUBMIT you will be redirected to the SunArts Enrolment page, where you can then select the instrument or class for your child.