Creating Practical Items with Textiles


Year 9 and 10 Textiles students this term have been designing and creating practical items suitable to sell at a local market.

Students in Year 9 in this elective spent the first half of term learning many sewing techniques by making small samplers of each technique eg buttonholes, overlocker seams, applique, hemming etc
From there, the students were each given half a metre of plain unbleached calico from which they were asked to make a textile item suitable to sell at a local market. Students needed to include either tie dye, fabric dye or stencil printing with sewing techniques in their item. Students made carry bags, skirts and cushions.

While students in Year 10 Textiles have produced 2 practical items. The first was a lined zipper pouch made as a gift for the Missions team to take to Thailand, which will now wait until next year. The second task incorporating sewing techniques and the work of an Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander artist. Students created carry bags, zipper pouches, cushions, and even a mini skirt.

On the market stall day, the class celebrated by turning their classroom into a market complete with simple advertising of their brand and item.

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