Suncoast Student Paramedic


Suncoast 2021 Graduate, Olivia Renkovetsky, had her heart set on undertaking a job as a  Paramedic when she left school, changing lives and helping others prioritise their health.

As a student who always wanted to venture into a medical profession once graduating high school, Olivia was beyond ecstatic to accept an offer for a Bachelor of Paramedicine at the University of the Sunshine Coast, commencing 2022. 

Tell us about your experience in your first year of University?

Paramedic Student from Suncoast Christian College


I commenced my studies in February this year and not only have I learnt so much about the Paramedic industry itself but have adapted to life outside of school and really grown into who I am, kickstarting my career I have always dreamt of. This semester, my classes have delved straight into the ‘real’ stuff that Paramedics face day to day. I currently take classes in psychology, bioscience, human anatomy/physiology and a paramedic professional study.

Starting Uni, I was stressed that I was going to find the work content and load extremely challenging but luckily selecting the correct subjects in Year 11 and 12 of high school, I felt I was as prepared as I could be. Don’t get me wrong, the work at Uni is intense and a fair bit of work but studying for something I am extremely passionate about makes it all worth it. Learning to study effectively and staying motivated and positive about my studies contributes greatly to how I enjoy Uni life, as well as the support resources that are available 24/7.


How did the Headstart Program with USC help to prepare you for University?

Becoming a Paramedic appealed greatly to me for the last few years where I was given the opportunity to enrol in Headstart Program at the University at the beginning of Year 11. I achieved grades that helped me not only secure a spot at the University for commencement of my full-time study but also gave me a literal head start. As I successfully completed a Uni course in Year 11 and another in Year 12 and it takes time off my entire course outline.

Every day I am excited to go to my classes or just head to the Uni library all day to study and I look forward to making friends with like-minded people enrolled in the same course as myself. I am beyond excited to continue my studies throughout this year, leading to placement over the Summer break where I get to take on the job with full-time Paramedics. This industry is such a rewarding occupation, making meaningful differences to people’s lives possibly on their worst day and I am so grateful to be a part of that.

At the end of this year, keep an eye out for me on the road, where lights and sirens are on their way to hopefully make a difference to someone’s day.

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