This Is My School Disc

We are thrilled to launch our This is My School fundraiser – an opportunity for your family to place an indelible mark on our new building and the future of Suncoast Christian College.

What are the Discs?

Our very clever architects, M3, have designed the outside of the building so that these discs will form shapes and words – contributing to the building’s striking external appearance. 

The exciting part – we are inviting families to purchase discs that will be a part of the building forever, and the fun part is your named disc will be visible from within the building. 

Students and staff will forever read your name and reflect on your role in contributing to building our collective future.

Our Goal – $60,000

We hope to raise $60,000 to contribute to the cost of this stunning feature.

Your investment

College Families: each disc is only $50 per family – which is an affordable way that you can help in building our future. Families can also purchase additional discs should they wish to have one per student.

 College Alumni, Staff and Friends: can also purchase discs for $50 each.

Business Owners: may also contribute with a sponsorship of only $100.  

Tax Deductible

With the end of financial year fast approach, please note the all donations (both personal and business) are fully tax deductible and GST free.

How to Order?

Ordering options for PARENTS, COLLEGE ALUMNI, STAFF and FRIENDS and for BUSINESSES are listed below. 

Please note that donations for the Discs are tax-deductible.

We’d love your support!

Since the founding of Suncoast Christian College in 1979, just over 40 years ago, there have been many milestones in the development of our College for our students.

By purchasing a commemorative disc, you will not only support us in providing new and exciting facilities for our students but your family or business name will be laser-etched into one of the 1979 discs, permanently and visibly displayed to commemorate our beginnings and our future in this new chapter of our history.

College Families (using Flexischools)

Parents/Guardians can order:

  1. A single disc etched with your family name
  2. Multiple discs – one for each individual in your family
  3. If you order 5 discs, the 5th disc is free
  4. For 5+ discs, please email us




1. LOGIN to Flexischools 

2. CLICK  the “$ Payments” Link




 one of your student accounts

4. SELECT: “Building Disk Donations”

5. SELECT:   “Named Disc – Primary”



College Staff, Alumni & Friends + College Families (NOT using Flexischools)

All personal donations are fully tax-deductible and GST-free.

How many disc are you ordering(Required)
You will need to complete the inscription fields below - for each etched disc you are ordering.
First Line - Name Inscriptions(Required)
Disc 1 - Inscription
Disc 2 - Inscription
Disc 3 - Inscription
Disc 4 - Inscription
Disc 5 - Inscription
Enter your name Family, child/children's name as you would like it to appear on your disc. Maximum of 25 Characters)
Select your category description displayed on the second line. When selecting multiple discs with varied categories - i.e. where one child might be "Current Student" and another "Alumni" - please select the most relevant. Before we can etch, we'll contact you to ensure all the discs have the correct second-line sub-titles.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made in two ways:

Direct Debit

  • Account:Suncoast Christian College – Building Fund No 2
  • BSB:034204
  • Account Number:310401

Credit Card

Credit card payments can be paid (in person) at Main Reception or over the phone on 07 5451 3600.

An order confirmation will be sent to your nominated email address containing an ORDER NUMBER.

Please include in your direct deposit transaction description or present in person if paying by credit card.

Business Donors

  1. Businesses can order one disc per organisation or business entity
  2. Enter your details, and the College will issue an invoice and tax-deductible receipt upon payment Please note that donations are GST-free

Order via invoice

Next Steps

  1. Upon completion of your order and before the etching process, each donor will be emailed a PDF proof for approval.
  2. In late July, the builders will be affixing the discs to the external facade (Oval side) of the new Primary building.

Alternate Payment Methods

Credit Card

  1. By Phone – call 07 5451 3600 – our staff will collect the relevant inscriptions
  2. In Person at Suncoast Main Reception where our staff will collect the relevant inscriptions


For more information, please contact:

Mark Beard

Marketing & Community Relations Officer
P: 07 5451 3600 | [email protected]