Waste Streaming


Suncoast Christian College introduces campus-wide waste streaming with the dual aim to create a cleaner school and to be better stewards of the environment.

A waste audit in 2017 revealed that our College produces enough landfill in a year to cover the College oval to a depth of 30cm. It was decided therefore to set the goal of dramatically reducing this by recycling more of our waste, composting what we can and being more thoughtful about the wrappings and plastic packaging that come with the foods we purchase.

Our Little Learners, Prep children, and their families are already experts at reducing waste with litter-free lunches – we have now asked the rest of the College to help support the War on Waste within our community so that we can all do our part. The idea is that wrappings and plastic packaging that would end up in landfill are not included in children’s lunches from home. Our tuckshop is now also replacing plastic containers (where possible) with compostable containers. 

Waste streaming bins

We have now removed all general bins and replaced them with sets of three colour-coded bins which include a bin for recycling, general waste, and compostable waste. Importantly, the compostable waste is placed in our OSCA Waste Recycling plant and converted to fertiliser that is then used in our Community Garden.

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