College History

“It all began with a vision from God, a dream in our hearts and $1,000 in a bank account.” – Pastors Neil & Nancy Miers

College history – the genesis

In 1977 Nambour Christian Outreach Centre (now known as Suncoast Church) was little more than a group of dedicated Christians with a vision to extend their ministry.

With only $1,000 as a deposit, Pastor Miers and the Church Elders began the search for a suitable site for a place to worship. A 23-acre pineapple farm on Kiel Mountain Road became available for purchase, and, thanks to the generosity and assistance of the owners, it was available on terms that the congregation could meet.

Featuring a large pineapple packing shed with an office, a large family home, and an abundance of lush sub-tropical vegetation, the site offered more land and buildings than the Church would need. But then, Pastors Neil and Nance Miers and the Elders had bigger dreams.

The growing congregation included many families with children but at the time there was not a school in the area with a clearly focused Christian outlook on education.

1979… Suncoast is born

The Kiel Mountain site offered the potential to house such a venture. Thus in 1979, Suncoast Christian College was born. For the first two years, after the Sunday evening service, the church deacons would clear the chairs and bring out the desks for the school week ahead. The College has now come a long way from these beginnings.


June 2004 saw the purchase at auction of the adjoining 16-acre ex-pineapple farm for the further development of the thriving and growing College. Students from their early learning through to their senior years are exposed to comprehensive, relevant educational programs which foster excellence – spiritually, academically, socially, culturally and physically. The College enjoys the advantage of a single campus that allows students easy transition from Pre-Kindergarten to Prep and Primary, then Middle Years to Senior Years.

Present day

Currently, the College has over 940 students enrolled, some of which include past students’ own children now attending. All students benefit from the vision that was shown all those years ago and enjoy being part of this amazing community at Suncoast.

2019 – Celebrating 40 Years of Christian Education

To help celebrate our 40-year anniversary, we collected memories of past Principals, students, and staff.  Please enjoy these moments as you look into the history, culture, and community of Suncoast Christian College.

College History – Gallery

  • It has been said that education is a journey. In Christian education, a journey has clear signposts and the security of a known destination. In a word, Christian education is about Hope.

    Clem Davies
    Principal (1987 - 2001)