Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Association is a group of volunteer College parents, friends and staff who work towards making our College a wonderful community for everyone through fundraising and community events.

The purpose of Suncoast Christian College Parents & Friends (P&F)

Our aims

  • strive to develop a real community of parents, teachers, and students which reflects a truly Christian ethos;
  • provide a healthy forum for ideas and discussion on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of the students;
  • work to provide additional resources considered necessary for the students or to assist the College staff in professional work; and
  • assist with the planning and organisation of functions associated with the social, sporting, cultural and educational life of the College community.

About Parent Reps

Class Parent Representatives operate under the College’s Valued Volunteers Program and together form a sub-committee of the College’s Parents and Friends Association.

The class Parent Representative aims to enhance the sense of community within the College by working together to keep parents informed, and to encourage their involvement in their child’s class activities and the wider College community.

P&F supports our Class Parent Representatives to enhance the College’s sense of community by:

  1. Working together to help keep parents informed of classroom activities
  2. Encourage parents to be involved in their child’s classroom activities
  3. Encourage parents to be involved in the wider College community

To better understand the role of Parent Rep, the responsibilities can be seen as falling within four broad categories:
2. BUILDING COMMUNITY amongst families

The support that the Parent Reps provide to each classroom is vital in building a healthy College community as they become an essential link between College and home.

Contact Information

For more information about our Parents & Friends Association please call Main Admin Reception on 5451 3600.

P&F Meeting Dates 2021

All parents and friends of the College are welcome to attend meetings. Our P&F meetings are held in the Taylor Centre from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.

2021 Meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Monday 8 February
  • Monday 8 March – AGM
  • Monday 10 May
  • Monday 7 June
  • Monday 26 July
  • Monday 16 August
  • Monday 6 September
  • Monday 11 October
  • Monday 22 November

2021 P&F Nominations

If you are interested in nominating to join the Parents & Friends Committee for 2021 please complete the following form. To learn more about the each of the P&F Positions view the AGM_Positions_Overview.

  • Please provide the name of the person you are nominating.
  • The person nominating another

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