Valued Volunteers

Be a part of our Suncoast Community by being a valued volunteer. Help enhance our College while forming new friendships and gaining new skills. Our students love seeing their parents and grandparents giving a hand around the College!


Volunteer areas

We know how rewarding it is to both the individual and the College when people are able to volunteer and there are so many ways you can help!

  • Class assistance
  • College Café
  • Suncoast Festival / Arts on Twilight
  • Covering library books
  • Administration assistance
  • Parents & Friends Committee
  • Excursions / Camps

We also recognise that there are many different skill sets amongst our parents and would encourage anyone who is interested to come and share those skills with us.

How to become a Valued Volunteer

  • Fill out the Application for Volunteering Form below
  • Read the Code of Practice for Volunteers
  • Read the Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers
  • If you are someone other than a College parent include a copy of your Blue Card
  • If you require a Blue Card, please click here to apply.

*A Blue Card is a legal requirement for all people working with children and young people and are designed to protect the safety of children and young people.

In the words of one of our Valued Volunteers

Application for Volunteering Form

If you would like to apply to become one of our volunteers, please complete email [email protected] and describe some of the areas or departments within the College you would be interested in assisting with.

Volunteer Application 2024

Preferred Volunteer Area/s
Preferred Volunteer Day/s(Required)
I.e. Parent/Guardian/Grandparent/Other-please specify. NB: All volunteers who are not College parents, are to have, or apply for a Blue Card - CCYP- working with children)
I Agree(Required)