Certificate III Music Industry (Performance)

Suncoast Christian College has delivered Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) for many years and is well known for producing job-ready students in the music industry. Students are able to develop their musical talents while completing a Nationally Recognised Qualification.


As a specialist school in contemporary performing arts, Suncoast Christian College offers students the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Music Industry.

We focuses on promoting creative integrity, personal discipline and building community through our major performing and visual arts events all within the framework of our Faith.

Range of learning styles

The Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) has particular appeal to students who prefer to learn music by listening to their iPod or someone else plays and then imitating what they hear. Aural and kinetic learning styles are dominant learning styles used by students in this course. They may not be able to read music at all, but they play or sing with confidence and proficiency.

The course is quite hands-on and practical; it utilises teamwork skills and offers a great learning opportunity for creative people.

Career Opportunities

The music industry offers an extensive and varied range of career opportunities including song writing, performance, artist management, music festival and music event management, entertainment marketing, the recording industry, music marketing and promotion and music education.

The intent of the course is to prepare students for a career in the music industry, and on completion of the course that they will have a mindset ready to embrace a professional career in music.

Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance): Pathways

Upon completion of Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) students may choose to continue their studies in music, with the Diploma in Music or a University course in music.  This qualification enables students to achieve 8 credits towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) upon completion.

Course organisation

  • The Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) is delivered over Years 11 and 12 for two years duration.
  • The course is integrated into the school timetable and involves a half-day session once per week and block training days; 1 per term.
  • Specific units of competency delivered can be accessed through the trainer, Ken Bowden.

Certificate III Music Industry (Performance) – Course outline

View the Certificate III Music Industry Performance – CUACUA30920 Course Guide

Student Selection

Students will be accepted into this course after a successful audition and interview.

The application will be assessed using the following selection criteria:

  1. Ability to play a musical instrument or sing with confidence and musicianship.
  2. Display musical expression and stylistic interpretation and performance skill.
  3. Show evidence of technical proficiency on the chosen instrument or voice.
  4. Career choices in the music industry.

Students will be expected to perform two contrasting musical pieces using instrument and/or voice. This will be done in audition with specialist music staff. A successful interview with the teacher is the other criteria for selection.

Musical styles covered in the course

  • Most students undertaking the course focus on popular and contemporary styles of music.
  • Students typically perform in rock bands within the class, which is central to the practical requirements of the course.
  • Collaborative work in a band setting develops teamwork, listening skills, humility and invaluable ensemble experience.
  • Students are not taught any particular style but are exposed to a broad range of musical genres.
  • We encourage students to develop greater musical awareness and understanding through a diverse range of styles and experiences.
  • Students are encouraged to follow their own musical preferences.
  • Students develop the skills necessary for a successful career in the music industry.


There are no fees for training and assessment tuition at Suncoast Christian College for Certificate III in Music Industry.