Values and Culture

Suncoast Christian College recognises that every student is unique and precious and that the environment in which they are nourished will play a pivotal role in how they deal with the responsibility of adulthood. As a result, we have support staff, programs, and processes in place to protect and care for every student.

Mission Statement

Suncoast Christian College exists to provide a Christ-centred education that promotes life-long learning, develops excellence and Christian character, and fosters social responsibility

Our five core values arise from our Mission Statement:


Being Christ-centred is the cornerstone to everything we are and do. We strive to build a Christian faith learning community in which students gain an understanding and appreciation of God and His Character and His creation.

Life-Long Learning

At Suncoast, we join with parents in nurturing a strong foundation in readiness for our graduating students to impact the world. Learning is part of God’s plan for everyone’s life and is the goal of our teaching and service. Ultimately the development of a Christian mind is our primary goal – because learning and faith in our Lord should go together. Extending our minds and therefore our learning should continue throughout our lives.


We believe excellence should characterise everything we attempt and do as a Christian College. This pursuit should not be as a result of pride or for boasting but out of respect for our Creator and His glory and to allow us to further positively influence our society. Students and staff should be encouraged to develop a passion for excellence in all that they do.

Christian Character

Christian character can be summed up in the words faith, diligence, and love. It is this that describes our culture at Suncoast Christian College. Our vision is to have visitors notice something different about us – the difference being the evidence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit throughout the whole College. Valuing each other irrespective of gifts, talents or abilities should be a priority and actively encouraged. Staff and students should always strive to honour one another through words and actions. We should celebrate success as well as support those who struggle with the lack of it.

Social Responsibility

Suncoast Christian College believes through building relationships and serving our local community, we are better able to influence the wider community and have an outward focus. By opening the doors to the community we also enrich our students’ education and experiences as members of the community become involved in the student’s education process.