SunArts is a comprehensive and progressive extra-curricular performing arts program offering specialist dance, drama and music lessons for students from beginners to advanced levels.

About SunArts

Within the SunArts Program, Primary and Secondary students can pursue their love of music and performing arts by participating in individual or shared lessons.

Our teachers are privileged to share your child’s journey in mastering a new instrument or performing in front of an audience and seeing their confidence grow. Performance is an important aspect of a student’s musical education and there are a number of opportunities at Suncoast where students can develop these skills.

Tuition Options

SunArts hands on piano

Piano / Keyboard

SunArts lessons in piano and keyboard give students valuable foundational musical skills. Beginners often stay committed through years of training to become advanced pianists in classical and modern music.

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SunArts guitarist


Guitar – Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitar is a popular SunArts subject and students are often found playing in rock bands and a range of other genres including classical guitar.

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Strings at Suncoast


A skilled teacher trains violin, viola and cello students from early years through to advanced. A range of musical genre is covered and many students prepare for eisteddfods and exams to develop further.

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Drummer - Suncoast Christian College


The SunArts drums program has a number of past students performing with Hillsong and touring the world in high profile bands. Students learn the rudiments of drumming, but go on to develop advanced skills across a diverse range of musical genre.

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The Voice Suncoast Christian College

Contemporary Voice

Vocal lessons continue to grow in SunArts with many fine voices enhancing College performances as well as our local community. Our focus for vocals is contemporary.

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Sunarts Drama

Drama and Acting

A very popular SunArts subject that is run after school in classes from Prep through to Year 12. There are multiple classes which are age and skill based and also specific classes that focus on production as well as exams and eisteddfods.

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Private School with Ballet Dance -Suncoast Christian College


A popular SunArts subject that is run after school. The dance program covers not only classical ballet but jazz and contemporary dance as well. Students are involved in numerous performances during the year and also prepare for dance exams

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SunArts Instrument Hire

Flexible instrument hire arrangements are available. Commerce your application to enrol to learn more.

SunArts Coordinators

Ken Bowden

SunArts Coordinator

P: 5451 3600
E: [email protected]

How to enrol

Students from either Suncoast Christian College or those external (from other schools) are welcome to join the SunArts. In fact, we have many students from other schools and from home-schooling who attend.

Step 1: Application Request

  • Complete an Application (below) for your selected program/s.

Step 2: Enrolment Confirmation

  • Once we have confirmed your child’s eligibility, we will be able to offer a place in your selected program.
  • Please note that eligibility for Suncoast students is dependent on approval from the Suncoast Christian College Business Office.
  • For external students, eligibility is typically automatic.

Step 3: Payment & Notification of Lesson Times

  • Once payment has been made, you will be advised as to lesson sessions and times and teachers.

SunArts Q&A

Browse our Q&A to find out more.

My child is NOT enrolled at Suncoast Christian College. Can they participate in SunArts?

Yes, SunArts has many students both from other schools, and those being home-schooled. Lessons and classes are typically available outside of school hours, so if you currently attend another school, SunArts lessons do not need to interrupt your school day.  Parents in this category wishing to enrol, first need to complete the Enrolment Agreement for a non-Suncoast student into the SunArts Program

When are SunArts lessons conducted?

Most tuition is scheduled within College hours; however, some of the groups such as Dance and Drama class rehearsals may be held out of College hours.

SunArts lessons and classes held outside of College hours are located in the Performing Arts building (J Block – top car park).

The boom gates in the top car park are closed from 7:00am to 9:00am and 2:30pm to 3:30pm. They are open from 9:00am to 2:30pm and from 3:30pm to approximately 9:30pm to enable convenient access to J Block. When the boom gates are closed, parents will need to park in the lower car park and walk up the hill.

What is the cost of SunArts tuition?

For Suncoast Christian College students, the cost of tuition is in addition to College Fees. The booking forms (above) indicate the cost of each type of tuition and any instrument hire costs. The cost of each lesson type is normally listed with each Enrolment Form.

For other school students, payment is made directly to the Teacher at the commencement of each school Term.

Are the lessons shared or individual?

30-minute lessons are given to individual students or to two students who share the lesson. The shared lesson gives students the opportunity to learn at a reduced cost while enjoying the benefits of a small group environment.

Students who are more advanced usually need an individual lesson with the teacher so that more focus can be directed to individual needs and the student can learn at their own pace. After the initial learning stages, students can consider undertaking music exams as the exam recognises a national standard of achievement and creates a timeframe for the work to be completed. Students preparing for exams must have an individual lesson.

Do I need to hire an instrument for my child?

Most instruments taught in the program can be hired through the College for a very reasonable rate on a term basis. To request an instrument, please complete the Instrument Hire Application Form.

What if I need to withdraw my child from SunArts?

There are times when a student finds that a SunArts program may “not their thing”, or family finances dictate that lessons need to be canceled. This is completely understandable; many of the SunArt teachers have family and understand the various pressures placed on a household these days.

First  Step: – Should you need to withdraw your child from SunArts lessons, please contact your SunArts Teacher directly to discuss the process. 

Then: College policy states that once a student is enrolled and has begun tuition, then the child must complete one full term of tuition. If the student wants to cancel the lessons, it can be done any time after the first term but four weeks’ notice must be given to the teacher. When the parent requests the teacher to cancel lessons, the parent needs to complete the online Withdrawal Form. This is sent to Mr Ken Bowden as well as the Business Office.

What are the performance opportunities for SunArts students?

Suncoast Christian College has a wealth of performance opportunities for SunArts students of all levels and all disciplines. In fact, at Suncoast, we believe that performing artists should be just that… performers!

Opportunities include Spotlight, Onstage, Biennial Musical, Voice & Instrumental (VIP), Arts on Twilight, Weekly Chapel Band, Dance Showcase, external concerts, eisteddfods, and internal College events.

My child is a beginner and a little nervous. Will they be performing in front of large audiences?

Within SunArts, we have special concerts we call Showcase. These are intimate, low-key events designed to give our beginners the chance to get on stage and we work on performance skills; as well as managing nerves and maintaining focus in performance. SunArts Showcase is not promoted to the College Community, so audiences tend to be family members only.

As students develop, there are other events where a more demanding performance is required and the audience is considerably larger. By the time our young beginners reach High School, they are seasoned veterans on the stage!

What if my child is absent?

There is always the possibility that a student may not be able to attend a scheduled lesson. In the case of a major school event like a Sports day, Swimming carnival, Dedication ceremony, etc,  the SunArts teachers are aware of this as it will already be on the school calendar. The lesson will either be made up or credited to the next term’s fees. If there was a clash with a class excursion or similar activity, your SunArts teacher will need to be notified as early as possible in order for an alternative lesson to be given.

In the case of illness, please phone your SunArts teacher as early as possible. This may give the teacher a chance to swap students around and come up with a suitable alternative lesson. Importantly, leaving a message with the College Admin is not the ideal means of communicating absences – direct message to the teacher is best.