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Faith Diligence Love

Suncoast Christian College

At Suncoast, our mission is to see our students grow in their faith, character, and learning. No matter their starting point, we welcome them and celebrate most the distance travelled in their journeys.


Your Academic Journey

Graduating agile thinkers, whose deep love of learning and academic resilience can positively impact the world.

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Your Performance Journey

Creative exploration, artistic integrity, personal discipline with confidence-building performance opportunities for instrumental and dance students

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Your Sporting Journey

A vibrant sporting culture that encourages all students to participate while also enabling high-performers to strive for their sporting dreams.

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Your artistic Journey

Develop creative personality based on an understanding and acceptance of yourself as a unique individual created in the image of God.

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schooling at suncoast

Suncoast Prep

Where everyday is an Adventure in learning and development.


Primary at Suncoast

Dynamic, fun-filled, caring school environment


Secondary at Suncoast

Preparing graduates for a diverse and exciting future world