Student Well-Being

Student well-being at Suncoast is a priority. We recognise that every student is unique, and the environment in which they learn plays a pivotal role in how they deal with the responsibility of adulthood. As a result, we have support staff, programs and processes in place to ensure student welfare is well managed.

Pastoral Care at Suncoast

At Suncoast, we have a team of dedicated professionals who work towards an inclusive learning environment for children, with early intervention, effective remediation, individualised programs, service opportunities and enrichment to help every child achieve learning success. There are two specific teams responsible for this work; The Well-Being Team and The Missions & Service Team.

Student Well-Being Team

Our team takes a proactive and responsive approach – providing students with emotional, social, psychological and spiritual support. Our approach is strengths-based and solutions-focused. Our objectives extend to supporting the staff of Suncoast as they assist students in navigating the highs and lows of the school years.

Garth Reid

Director of Student Development

Garth Reid is a member of the College Leadership Team and is responsible for the overall Well-Being and Missions and Service Teams. 

Chanoa Paget

Secondary Student Support Worker

Chanoa provides leadership for Pastoral care programs for secondary, develops new preventative programs and provides counselling/coaching to secondary students.

Emily Chalmers

Pastoral Care Counsellor

Emily provides student counselling, particularly in the area of mental health. She works towards solutions for individual student needs, including; goal setting, parent meetings, targetted intervention, external referrals, teacher support, and preventative approaches and workshops.

Mel Wolter

Primary Chaplain

As Primary Chaplain, Pastor Mel works for the welfare of our Prep to Year 6 students. She coordinates Friday Chapel, counsels primary students and runs our Primary Community Care programme.

Missions & Service Team

The Chaplaincy Team consists of professionals from Suncoast Church who provide pastoral care, life skills coaching both in and out of class. Their role also includes hosting our weekly Chapel assemblies – where students can advance their knowledge and understanding of God’s love for them.

Youth Pastors at Suncoast Church

Steven and Ashlee

Youth Pastors – Suncoast Church

Steven and Ashlee are the Youth & Young Adult Pastors of Suncoast Church.  They are committed to seeing teenagers encounter the love of Jesus – believing that God has a plan and a purpose for each life. They work closely with the Student Well-Being Team and conduct our weekly Secondary School Chapels.

Russell Madden

Director of Kids and Families

Russell Madden is Head of Kids and Families at Suncoast Church. Also a College Board Member, Russell lends his support at Primary Chapel and on College Mission Trips, like the Outback Link trip.

Janet Gorsch

Suncoast Missions Coordinator

Janet plays a vital role at Suncoast – enriching students’ lives with her irrepressible personality and tireless energy. Each year Janet play a central role in organising the Outback and Thailand Mission trips – A cornerstone of student well-being opportunities at Suncoast.

Student Support & Well-Being Services

Student Well Being at Suncoast Christian College

Student Support

A comprehensive child protection policy is maintained by designated teachers accessible and known to all students in the College. A zero tolerance for bullying is activated through student surveys and proactive programs, while our supportive behaviour policy aims to monitor and adjust student behaviour.

Christian Studies Students at Suncoast Christian College

Christian Teaching

Students are individually supported by dedicated Primary and Secondary Chaplains. In partnership with the Suncoast Church, students benefit from group programs covering friendship and social interactions, family life, crisis management and leadership. We strive for positive outcomes through ongoing partnerships between our Chaplains, teachers, parents and students.

Christian Teaching is supported by:

  • Daily staff devotional time
  • Values taught and modelled by all staff
  • Support Services
  • Suncoast Church Pastoral support
  • Student Support in place for guidance in careers and curriculum/school-related matters
  • Weekly Chapels
House Runners at Suncoast Athletics Carnival

House System

Upon enrolment, students are assigned to one of four Houses. These houses serve both as sporting teams and as an avenue for students’ Pastoral and collegiate welfare. The houses are named after four Old Testament characters from the book of Daniel: Shadrach (Yellow), Meshach (Blue), Abednego (Red) and Daniel (Green).

Students participate in recreational and competitive sports carnivals and novelty events during the year, encouraging participation through healthy competition.

Students experience a sense of belonging in their house teams as they encourage and support one another, forming friendships with students from other year levels.