The library supports collaborative learning by enabling large numbers of students to work individually, in pairs and on team projects. It provides easy access to technology and the shape of its flexible space supports student-centred learning. The engaging and adaptable spaces energise students, teachers and the school community.

Our Library is a place where students from Prep to Year 12 enjoy and are guided in their lifelong learning journey.

Primary Students

Our Primary students are guided through their experiences in literature to hear, feel and see the essence of the tale. Students travel though the story and their imaginations are nurtured by using texts that leave space for them to explore the elements of the tale.  At the same time they are guided into the deeper layers of meaning to investigate concerns that continue to resonate with each one of us today.

Secondary Students

Our Secondary students continue the journey, being offered texts of increasing complexity where they encounter vicarious experiences that continue to cultivate their joy and pleasure in reading through the use of emotive language, rich visual imagery, poignant themes and the use of pace within the narrative.  Suncoast students learn that people, regardless of time, culture and circumstance are moved by motivations and feelings they can recognise in themselves.