Middle Years

Middle Years (Years 7 – 9) is an exciting and challenging time as we share the journey with your children in their transition from childhood to adulthood. In Middle Years, students’ creativity, energy and level of interest are exploding, and this is where we seek to make learning both engaging and fun.

Middle Years – An Explosion of Energy and Creativity

Becoming an adult is arguably more challenging today than ever before. The world around is rapidly changing and students need to be prepared with 21st-century skills and a strong sense of identity in order to have positive life trajectories. At Suncoast, the Middle Years program is tailored to equip students with these skills alongside deep knowledge and understanding in a wide range of subjects.  Middle schooling at Suncoast is also characterised by genuine care, effort and love expended by our teaching staff on assisting students on their journey of self-discovery and preparation for the Senior Years to come.

Middle Years Curriculum

The Suncoast approach to Middle Years is to provide opportunities for students to practice and demonstrate understanding and skills in a variety of contexts whilst developing their unique gifts and abilities. Learning focuses on encouraging the student to negotiate the curriculum according to interests and passions through a wide range of electives.

Core Subjects

At Suncoast, we have developed a tailor-made program for Years 7 – 9. Students study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Christian Studies, and Health and Physical Education as core subjects.

In Year 7, students have one teacher for Maths and Science and another for English, Humanities and Christian Studies.  This reduces the number of teachers they have, which supports their transition from Primary into Middle School.

Elective Subjects

In Years 7 and 8, students sample a range of seven, semester-long, electives taught by specialist teachers over a two-year cycle.  Electives include: Digital Technologies, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Design Technologies and Food & Textile Technologies.

In Year 9, there are nine different electives available for students to choose from.  Year 9 electives include: Economics and Business, Media, Digital Technologies, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Design Technologies and Food & Textile Technologies.   Students select two electives to study for the year. 

Notebook Program

All Secondary students participate in the 1:1 Notebook Program, equipped with a computer for use at home and at school.

Middle Years Co-Curricular Activities

Middle Years students participate in a variety of experiences that help educate the whole person. Opportunities abound through sport, Chapel, camps, academic competitions, music programs, community service and leadership development. Many students also choose to participate in the SunArts program offered at the College.

Co-Curricular opportunities include:

  • Debating
  • Camps
  • Chess Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Gardeners
  • Student Representative Council and Student Leadership Programs
  • National English, Mathematics and Information Technology Competitions
  • In-house event catering opportunities for Hospitality students
  • Middle Years Chapel Band
  • Years 7 and 8 Band
  • Dance Development Company
  • Junior Vocal Squad (JVS)

Middle Years Subjects

Subject Selection Years 7 & 8

Students will experience each of the elective subjects offered in Middle Years over the course of the year, spending approximately one term on each.  The elective subjects are compulsory in Year 7 but will form the basis for elective subject choices in Years 8 and 9.

Core SubjectsElectives
EnglishFood & Textile Technologies
HumanitiesDesign & Technologies
Christian StudiesDigital Technologies
Health and Physical EducationDance
Economics & Business

Subject Selection Year 9

There are eight elective subjects offered in Year 9, of which students will study four.  Elective subjects provide opportunities for students to develop skills in a range of areas according to their interests and giftings.

Core SubjectsElectives
EnglishFood & Textile Technologies
HumanitiesDesign & Technologies
Christian StudiesDigital Technologies
Health and Physical EducationDance
Economics & Business

Co-Curricular Activities

Sports Program

A commitment to health and fitness is important at Suncoast. Students engage in authentic, creative, experiential, challenging, interactive and achievable experiences. Middle Years students participate in SCISSA (Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Sporting Association) and Inter-school and club competitions in Netball, Basketball and Rugby Union.

Band practice at Suncoast

Performing Arts Opportunities

A love for the Arts is encouraged at Suncoast. Students regularly perform at Chapels, Assemblies and special events such as the Onstage Variety Concert, the biennial musical production, Easter Celebration and end of year celebrations. Choirs, Dance Eisteddfods, Chapel Bands, Performance Band and Dance Company, provide a world of performing opportunities. Many students also choose to participate in the Voice and Instrumental programs (SunArts), Speech, Drama and Dance classes, offered at the College.

Year 10 Students packing care parcels

Christian and Community Service

The College is committed to teaching our students the value of having a servant heart, particularly to those people in our community whose lives have been altered through tragic personal circumstances and hardships.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in the annual Thailand Mission Trip, the Outback Mission Trip, local community volunteering projects, fundraising for Compassion Children, 40 Hour Famine and Day for Daniel.

Middle Years Leaders at Suncoast Christian College

Leadership Opportunities

Students are provided with leadership opportunities as they grow in their Christian character, learning to be an example to younger students. Middle Years leaders are given the opportunity to serve and represent the College, speaking at external and internal events. Sports Captains serve the College community by working alongside staff at school sports carnivals.

College Chaplain - Suncoast

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Suncoast Christian College is provided by our Chaplaincy Team, whose role is to assist students and their families as they navigate their way through the College years. It is understood that this stage of life can present many challenges that are unexpected and often very difficult and we consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with the families who are a part of our community.

  • "Sharing a student’s journey with their parents as they see their children walk from their teens to young adults is both exciting and challenging. At Suncoast, it is our privilege to provide a safe and supportive environment for this journey."

    Phil Rockliff
    Deputy Principal