Celebrating Science Week


This week is National Science Week, where we celebrate all things science. This year’s theme is Deep Blue – innovations in science for the future of our oceans.

During the week, students have the opportunity to learn about the use of drone technologies, remote sensors, satellites, robotics and the Internet of Things Underwater (IoT Underwater) and how these innovations work to maintain healthy oceans. Click here to learn more. We will consider the plastic dump in our ocean and how the plastic bank will help this. Students will be inspired by citizens who are taking action and harvesting coral spawn, restoring mangroves, and re-planting seaweed forests.

Primary students will experience an engaging and educational science show with Big Bang Education where they will have the opportunity to learn science in a fun and exciting way.

In Year 12, Tim P, Joshua W and Ella B have recently done a great job in presenting their experimental research on enzymes to their class in Biology at Griffith University.

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Elijah H who has been accepted into the QUT STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) camp in September. Hundreds of people apply for this prestigious chance to work alongside actual scientists at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) for a week and only a few are successful.

We wish Elijah all the best for a great learning opportunity and can’t wait to hear what exciting project he will undertake. 

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