Suncoast to Madison Square Garden


We recently chatted with 2006 Suncoast Graduate and drummer, Dan McMurray about Hillsong Worship, Grammy Awards and playing Madison Square Garden.

Would you like to share anything about your Suncoast experience?

Suncoast was a major part of my creativity as a teenager. I am truly thankful for the environment and culture of arts at the college, as it helped cultivate a lot of my creative potential. The biggest thing I remember was Mr. Hornby working with me in years 11 and 12 to find time within my school timetable to practice, write and create music. This was probably the biggest factor that allowed me to grow into the musician I am today. I am forever grateful to Terry and other teachers at the college for seeing my potential and allowing it to flourish.

Your career or personal highlights since graduating?

I honestly feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing. I truly believe God has opened doors for me that I would never have been able to open myself. I have been living in Los Angeles for around 5 years and have spent my time touring and recording with some incredible artists. I have found myself fortunate enough to play in some of the world’s most iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, The Troubadour, and many others, along with seeing so much of the world and meeting amazing people that have influenced my life.

I would say that one of the most humbling moments in my drumming career was when I received a Grammy plaque in the mail from The Recording Academy for a song that I recorded drums on. It was a song that won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. That isn’t a big deal for most people and whilst those kinds of achievements are never something I chase, those are the moments that I am left deeply thankful to God for allowing me to have some kind of small influence on people with the gift He has given me.

Share what you are doing now?

Living and loving life in Los Angeles with my incredible wife and two daughters! I have spent this year recording and touring with Hillsong Worship as well as drumming for an artist named Amanda Lindsey Cook, amongst other things.

What are your plans for the future?

Be the best husband and father I can. Continually aim to better myself musically, find ways to grow my craft and influence other people in different spheres of the music industry. I’d like to continue to tour, whilst also writing songs, composing and recording music a bit more. Honestly, who knows! I often make plans that get turned upside down… so I am just riding the wave!

Watch Dan McMurray in action


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