Thriving Media Career


After graduating in 1998, Jo Bouris (nee Miles) has built a successful media career and enjoying family life on the Sunshine Coast

Would you like to share anything about your Suncoast experience?

I was at Suncoast from Years 4-12 and made friendships that have lasted well into adulthood. Attending this school gave me a respect and compassion for people in the community through initiatives like visiting retirement homes and having a focus on others. I faced some family challenges during my school years and felt supported and protected through that time by the College staff and community. It also cemented a faith in God through the environment that I experienced. Something that stands out to me all these years later is that the teachers were so encouraging of the subjects that I was passionate about and allowed me to actively pursue these while supporting me to pass the ones that I found to be a greater challenge.

Your career or personal highlights since graduating?

A personal highlight would be marrying my husband Nathan 15 years ago on the Today Show and of course the births of our 3 children, Mia, Evie and Jake. I’ve had many incredible opportunities during my radio career with 92.7 Mix FM, 91.9 Sea FM and Salt 106.5 here on the Sunshine Coast. However one that stands out to me is the trip I did with Mercy Ships Australia to Madagascar, Africa. This organisation provides free medical care on a ship for those who can’t afford it and the team train local dentists and medical professionals to continue the work once they move to the next location. I was so impacted by the volunteers giving of their time to make a difference and how much it changed each individual life.

Share what you are doing now?

I am currently hosting ‘Be That’ for ACCTV which is a TV series that presents common life issues and shares the real stories of individuals who have journeyed through those hardships to find freedom. It is so exciting to see the impact this show is already having through the resource available and the expertise of the clinical psychologists involved with opening up real conversations. It is so nice having more balance in life after years hosting the Salt 106.5 Breakfast Show I am enjoying being around for the school drop off now that our 3 children are in Primary School. I am also really involved at Hillsong Sunshine Coast in the kid’s program and the worship team.

What are your plans for the future?

To stay married and do my best to raise our kids to be responsible adults that contribute to society. Most days we laugh that being parents is beautiful chaos with many challenges but we are doing our best to create fun memories with them. I definitely want to travel a lot more, I have not done enough of this yet! I would also love to expand more into charity work which is what I am passionate about and the opportunities that will come through what I am doing with ‘Be That’.

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