Celebrating 40 Years


The College celebrated 40 years of Christian education on Saturday 13 July in a wonderful evening with 300 guests at a gala event.

In attendance the event held at Maroochy RSL were special guests included founding Pastors Neil and Nance Miers, our longest serving Principal, Clem Davies (1987-2002), Deputy Principal Terry Hornby (1989-2010), Business Manager Chris Chappel (1991-2007), Principal Brian Barker (2002-2007) and Pastors Chas and Fran Gullo (1996-2014).

There were special video messages from Mayor Mark Jamieson and Marty Hunt MP, member for Nicklin, while local councilors Greg Rogerson and Peter Cox were also in attendance. As Pastor Neil remarked, “it is truly amazing to see the development of the College over 40 years, which may be a surprise to us, but it is not a surprise to God.”

Suncoast Christian College began in 1979 with just 81 students and 2 staff in very humble circumstances. The property had been a working pineapple farm, so that when it started, the school took place in a literal tin shed, with a bare concrete floor, and sawhorses for desk supports. The legendary Allan Taylor, who was there right from the beginning, wrote in 1982 that “had we envisaged the growth, workload and general pace of school life, we may have despaired at the immensity of the task, but as always, our God was gracious and gave us just as much as we could cope with each day. He constantly encouraged us with the frequent testimonies of changed lives and the increasing achievement of our students.”

In 2019, we are truly thankful for the legacy of all those who have made the College what it is today and give thanks to God for the abundance of His goodness and provision to us.

Event Photos – 40th Anniversary Celebration

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